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I luv herfrds

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Feb 24, 2007
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Reading the Favorite Breakfast thread this morning, I was sipping a new coffee I tried today.
It is Montana Coffee Traders Huckleberry. A little cream and sugar and it tasted like huckleberry ice cream. Yuummm. :D
I've tried their Flathead Cherry and that one tastes like chocolate covered cherries. :D
OK I like flavored coffee. :D

It got me to wondering if anybody else has a favorite coffee.
I just got a quart jar of Red Diamond Instant from the Piggly Wiggly this afternoon. It's pretty good. Made in Birmingham.
I'm not too much on coffee, but bought the wife one of them new-fangled Cuisinart machines for Christmas that grinds the beans and all that.....

Starbucks / House Blend.

She's been drinking this for years, but with the the fresh grind, tells me that it's the best ever. Perhaps I did something right for a change! :dunce:
Folger's Instant, in the red can. I like a little bit of coffee with my cream and sugar.
Don't drink any instant coffee if I can help it, I don't like the flavoured coffees and prefer the stronger types like French Roast, Mocha Java, but for everyday use I drink the Kenna Cafe Blend
I used to love frappuccinos, and cappuccinos but I don't get out very much any more, plus they are so full of sugar usually. When I have coffee it is whatever blend I have on hand with splenda and lots of milk. But yes ILH, I used to be a huge coffee drinker and loved flavored coffee especially fresh ground ,,,delicious. :nod: Have you ever gone into the specialty coffee area in your grocery store and stood there for many many minutes just breathing/smelling it all in...I have many times.. :lol2:

Hubby likes "Douwe Egberts" (sp?) so when ever we can get our hands on that it is a treat for him.
From the time I open my eyes it is 20 minutes to whatever they sell at the corner store with no additives, and nobody better get in my way. :lol: 3 more cups before the rest of the world gets up. Coffee candy when I can find it. Coffee icecream for desert in the evnening, Bluebell of course.
john250":1cj1jjf2 said:
Columbian. Black. Strong.

I think you got confused there, sport. We weren't talking about wimmins here.

My step-daughter brought over some New Mexican pinion nut coffee. It was okay. HEB sells some flavored coffees that are good. Mainly I like whatever is in the can first thing when I get up. Nothing fancy. Had a bean grinder and it was a mess so we don't use it a lot. I only drink a cup in the mornings and sometimes a cup when I get home if I am tired. I am not much of a coffee drinker but I do like that morning cup.
I have to have my good ol strong black cup of folgers, and don't even want any thing in it to make it taste different. Cannot imagine trying to make a good cup of hot strong black coffe taste like fruit or berries or anything else.

Colombian, black.

Can't stand the taste of Starbucks, don't know how any one can. And I certainly wouldn't pay $5 for a cup of any coffee let alone Starbucks.

Maybe I'm too old but I remember the days following the BIG ONE (WWII) when you still couldn't get real coffee but what was available was Chickory based. That stuff would gag a magot and that's what Starbucks tastes like to me. Some folks really like it and that's OK with me. I just won't drink it.
Oh, well we didn't talk about additives...

I have mine with milk and three, count 'em, three spoons of sugar.
Lammie":x4xoquxj said:
Oh, well we didn't talk about additives...

I have mine with milk and three, count 'em, three spoons of sugar.

WOW....that's not coffee Lammie...that's sugar syrup. :lol:

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