Coccidia Infection

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My calves (500 and 400 lbs)developed Coccidia. We have been treating them with Corid Drench. I have found information that Coccidia come from fecal-contaminated ground. They are swallowed when a calf licks the dirt off its self. I want to know what I can put on the ground to kill any parasites in the piles of manure. I was thinking something like lime or bleach/water?

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You don't say if your calves are weaned. This is usually a problem of calves in lots where they get dirtier. If they are in a lot on feed there are several products you can add to their feed to control Coccidiosis. If they are getting this at pasture I would give them a creep feeder with medicated feed.

For parasites in manure on the ground, drag a harrow to break up the manure. Most parasites don't survive the sunlight and drying very well. Lime is very good too. Changing the ph with lime will get rid of many parasites. Talk to your local Extension Office to see how much you need to apply.

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