Coastal Bermuda and deer

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Jun 14, 2004
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I was reading through the posts and noticed that there was a comment from a poster that he had a lot of coastal bermuda. Someone else commented that he guessed that there were no deer then. Will the deer not eat the coastal? Surely the cattle will ?
Hey "nobody", just because someone has lots of coastal doesn't mean there are no deer. We live in coastal heaven AND deer heaven. It's all mixed up: Endless forrests and endless grasslands, if that makes sense.
AZ and TexasCountryWoman are exactly right. Cattle are grazers, deer are browsers. The deer's natural diet is forbs (weeds) and brushy type plants. Deer also eat some grass, of course. Check out most oat patches in the fall. But this amounts to only a small part of their total intake.
For their digestive system to work correctly, they must eat a large percentage of fibrous roughage. That's why you will see a deer standing knee deep in grass nibbling the leaves off a yaupon bush. Deer are also edge animals that relate to boundaries where the habitat changes, from brush to meadow, for example.

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