Clubby Bulls - You have to see this!

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13 bulls there and I'd only use one of them.

Sad, really.

That has just confirmed my belief that they either fall into the category of steers with nuts, or just plain unsound.

Many on this board have said their Sunseeker calves break down - well now you can see why!

Why anyone would want to keep females from these bulls is beyond me :???:
Obviously it's all in the MARKETING. How many potential semen users will see the "before" pictures of any of these?

Another reason I don't care for the shows up north when having a bunch of hair is so important.
Heatwave looks TERRIBLE.

However, its hard to not use him when he dominates all the Major Shows, state fairs, and jackpots.

Keren, just being nosy, which one would you use.
from these photos alone - Ali. Remember being in Australia I have no idea what his calves are like or the hype behind him - from these photos alone, he is the only sound, balanced, complete bull that I would consider using to produce replacement females. And that is going from the mature photos, not the dressed up calf ones.

Some of the bulls I would use for terminal calves, most I wouldnt.
Wow what an eye opener, yuck.
Look at the Heatwave Bull; he is the only bull frothing at the mouth. He probably ran like heck and charged everyone to get that pick.
Sunseeker's not all that bad, still if I saw that bull I would laugh and run in the other direction.
Our Sunseeker steer is holding up great, thank goodness. I better not say that too loud :secret:


He is looking the other way because he is ashamed of the way they are taking care of DAD.

Thanks for the link BullLady

We sent the red steer to the slaughter house today. The kids sold him for 4K and we took it :) . They bought that steer for 800 dollars and had a little over a thousand invested in feed and supplies. we sent him to the big house because he was slick and no hope for our show.
I was never really fond of clubby animals anyways-this just adds to my dislike :roll:

ShowSteerUp-your kids got 4K for a steer?!?! Up here that would be a phenomenal price for a Grand Champion! But kids also don't put a thousand dollars into a steer. That's great for them!
Ya, the kids normally get 10K minimum but they have to sell at the fair (make auction).
That's why the animals up here are so good. People get outrageous amounts of money for them and then they go spend it. We still teach the kids to buy low and make a profit.
We have oil and gas fields out here and the local co. support the kids, it's great. The hospital I work for have purchased two steers from my kids. The hospital spent over 10K per animal, and then they grind the entire animal into hamburger and donate it to child haven.
Ali was a good bull, he was a purebred main with a low birth weight, we have a heifer out of him that is going to make a great cow. He has quite a few sons that are following in his footsteps.
In regard to Heat Wave, he is 9 years old and I would bet he was pushed harder than any bull to produce, with as many calves claimed to be produced by him over the years. He has produced some great steers and bulls but a cow producer he is not.
I wonder how many of the top commercial producing bulls end up looking like hell after a couple years at the stud?