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Had a cow loose her calf and I wasn't sure why. I tried putting another calf on her and could feel the milk in the teats, but couldn't get it to come out. My vet told me how to feel if it has a hard core to see if it was matasis and it doesn't seem to be. What's the best way to unclogg a teat? I worked real easy with a toothpick and got one unclogged. Theres got to be a easier way so I won't get my head kicked off. Also will it just re-clogg again? Thanks for any info!

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Save your cow and calves! Call the VET. Let him or her treat them. Spend a few bucks now and avoid losing big bucks later. And, a TOOTHPICK??? Please, get your Vet out there! :)
They make milking needles for this. Just insert slowly, and let drain until it is empty. Might have to do this daily for 3-4 days.

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