clipping time

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they should be about 90% clipped a week before the show.. you can finish the other 10 % at the show as touch ups
If you are inexperienced or learning it sure doesn't hurt to practice many weeks in advance... or in my case MONTHS in advance! ;-)
I try to keep them clipped up all the time. When I do it for friends, I usually do it a coulpe weeks before the show. Then as someone else said, finish up at the show on show day.
In the heat of show season, I try to keep them pretty well clipped all the time. Then a couple days before the show finish them off so that at the show I can concentrate more on fitting than basic clipping.

If you are inexperienced, I would advise starting EARLY so that if you make a mistake it can grow out.

For the first show in the spring. I block out about a month early to acclimate new calves to the clipper and get some of that winter hair off. Then about 2 weeks before the show, do a thorough job, and the weekend before the show get them in show ring condition.

Kind of random, but that's how I do it and it seems to work out well :?
we clip them most of the way out about 2 weeks before a show. then do touch ups the week before and at the show. but the rest of the year i try to keep them blocked out so i still have my lines to work with and keep them cool.

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