Cleaning up bale grazing, & a yard tillage question

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Stocker Steve

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May 2, 2005
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Central Minnesota
I inter seeded oats and clover in the rougher part of the bale grazing area last week. It got plugged up a bit before I pulled the cows. I used a press drill pulling a cattle panel with two railroad ties on it. (Thanks for the tip Dun) It worked great for knocking down the high spots. Still a little rough but the forage is really coming on. :banana:

I yarded the cows up in a corner for about 6 weeks till things dried up. I pulled a disk over this area but barely scratched the surface. It is really hard. Any tillage tips short of moldboard plowing?
How about a box blade with rippers? Unless it's really horribly torn up, i.e. big holes large piles etc., you might think of leaving it alone and just letting the cows graze it.
In years past I've always worked over our sacrafice paddock for winter hay feeding, scraped it down level, moved off most of the manure and reseeded it. This year I didn;t get to it and I know have a great stand of grass and mostly clover (seed has to have been dormant in the ground for years) with very few weeds.