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Just thought this was interesting. Before any one flies off on a rant. I am not worried about contracting the disease. It just shows how little they actually now about BSE & vCJD!

Research shows vCJD could affect more people than previously thought

by Ann Bagel on 8/9/04 for Meatingplace.com

Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, a human brain-wasting disease believed to be linked to bovine spongiform encephalopathy, has been detected in a person with a more common genetic makeup and who had no symptoms of the illness.

According to research published last week in The Lancet, an autopsy found vCJD in a person whose genetic signature is shared by about 50 percent of Caucasians. Previously the disease, which is thought to come from eating beef products from cattle infected with BSE, was believed to affect only people with a genetic profile found in about 35 percent of Caucasians.

The research indicates that more people than previously believed could be incubating vCJD, and some people may get only a mild infection, as opposed to the fatal disease.

Scientists don't know how many people could be infected with vCJD because there have been so few cases to study and so many factors that impact the disease remain unknown, but many believe this new finding means any forecasts will need to be revised radically.
One point that should be considered is that like BSE in the cow vCJD is something that is detected only when tested for in brain tissue

If you don't test for it you won't see it, howmany people have died that have been declared dead due to other causes, thus never tested and they may have actually been harboring the organism, but if there was no reason to test they would not test

there may have in fact been many more cases in this country, but as we don't eat human brain tissue it is not a problem, and it is also not tranmitable from human to human, and the is currently no treatment that I am aware of

It would be a huge burden on out health testing labs to test every dead body for the brain waisting DZ, and what would you do with the information

More people die from drunk drivers, and are killed in car crashes and that is not as big a deal for some reason?!

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