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Within the last couple of weeks I've had two Angus cows develop grey rings around one of their eyes. It started w/ an inferior steer and has now spread to my nicest yearling heifer. Is this ringworm or something else? How should I treat it and how contagious is it?

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Sounds like ring worm to me, yes it is contageous.

Can be treated with common houshold bleach, dab on with cotton balls, swabs, or rag, dab and hold for 10 sec., do NOT allow to run in eyes!!!! this will kill it, may need to be repeated 1 -2 times, will also bleack hair sometimes, but will stop the spread to further areas. Or you can go buy an expensive treatment that takes several applications and several days to work. And while it is taking its time to work, it will be spreading to other cattle. Wash all grooming tools and spray down stalling areas with a disinfectant (bleach).

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