CIDRs in the Cows

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WB Angus

WB Angus

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Jun 12, 2020
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SE Missouri
The CIDR and synch program is for bringing the cows into heat as close together as possible. So that they can be bred all at the same time without heat detection and get as many as possible bred. The hormones initiate the heat cycle, but will not be at the same time on 100% of the cows. If you can also do heat detection and observe standing heat, you should forget the timed AI and breed that cow based on observed heat. Because you observed that her heat cycle is not 100% synch'd with the other cows. There is a window of time for breeding after first standing heat - whether it is observed or not. If you do no heat detection, your success is based on the cow's AI time falling into that window after first standing heat. The timed AI time is based on statistics of other cows coming into heat on that protocol, usually less than 100% of them fit that window. Observed heat is real and triggers the window to breed. Timed AI is based on the best window if they are all bred at the same time. I heat check and breed on observed heat and then time breed non-responders. I think that method will get some of those 30% or so that do not take on timed AI only.
Great info simme I agree 100% with you. We just go the fixed time anymore but know our conception percentage would increase if we bred according to heat detection

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