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Apr 23, 2009
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Been looking at several different chutes over the last couple weeks. I have an idea of what I want, but I'm having trouble deciding whether or not to go with a hydraulic chute or manual. The old one is a Pearson manual. I know there is a big cost difference, but I don't know if the extra $ is worth it or not. Anyone have any opinions or experience with hydraulic?
We use a newer Pearson manual chute and have had absolutely no problems with it. I really don't see the need for a hydraulic chute unless your working a whole bunch of animals. We run around 50 or so through ours at a time and it's really not to bad.
I do a lot by myself as far as running cattle through the chute (AI usually), and thought that a hydraulic would make it easier on me. Usually, we run 200 head through the chute at a time during vaccinating. Our Pearson is 20 years old, and it's getting hard to operate.
Hydraulic does make it easier if you are doing a lot on your own, since you can trigger it standing to the side of the cow while prodding them forward. I really liked using it the time I got to try one out. Saves on your arm/shoulder, too. But they are spendy. I guess I'm too cheap to buy one. Honestly, I don't head catch my cows for hardly anything unless I have to work on their head, just throw a board or pipe in behind them. Yes, I know I could get my arm broke that way. They tend to dread the chute less if they don't get head caught. Grew up using a breeding box, worked pretty well even for the squirrely ones.
I have a hydraulic and a manual and I wouldn't trade my hydraulic for 3 manual chutes my wife is wanting a new Hydraulic chute and I told her as soon as she sells the one we have I will buy her a new one the only reason she wants one is because when running our bulls thru it is a little snug :lol:

a hydraulic chute is well worth the investment in mine and my wifes opinion
In my opinion, hydraulic or manual makes no difference. The biggest thing is having a self-catching headgate, especially when working alone.
Ive never used a hydraulic one but the reason Id say go with manual would be id worry about the hydraulic one breaking down over time easier than a manual. Not to mention a manual one would probably be easier to path up on your own if you had to.
Prieferts S04 model is exceptional. Lifetime warranty on the cams. They will even refurb. your old chute- no matter how old - for minimal cost as long as it is a Priefert chute.

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