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Apr 28, 2005
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heres wishing every1 at cattletoday a MERRY hope your family visits are that every1 has a safe day.
yes enjoying the day with family.they wont get loud till make me wish i had a few beers to drink.
Merry Christmas Bigbull, I hope Santa is good to you this year as you deserve it you are one sweet guy.. :santa:
It must be a special day, bigbull done broke out the capital letters!

Merry Christmas to you, bigbull, and to everyone else, too.

Hope everyone's stockings are full in the morning. If dun's lucky he'll get a lump of coal to keep his old bones warm!
Merry Christmas, bigbull :wave: Hey, I'll bet your keyboard wondered what was up about those caps :lol2: .

yes larry it did.i guess it thought i was drunk lolol.but i was as sober as the day is neices an nephews had a great christmas.stayed here till 2am playing games on the dumb dumb me didnt see the note an turned it off deleting all their progress.
Merry Christmas, To you too Scott. All the anticipation of the big day, and it's gone in a flash. Hope everybody here has had a blessed day. I know all of us did. Now if we can all have a safe, happy,healthy and prosperous New Year we wont be in the position to want anything else!
Merry Christmas everyone. I just spent the afternoon assembling the new trampoline for the girls. I consider it one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. Did you know there are 96 springs around a 15' trampoline that have to be stretched tight and popped into a little hole? I'm looking for some tylenol...

But the joy on the little munchkins faces as they jumped up and down made it all worth it. :)