christmas traditions

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Sep 7, 2005
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southwest, MO
What are some of your favorite Christmas traditons? How long have you been doing them?

Ditto to what Dun said

Stay at home, no visitors, eat lots, sleep in, maybe phone some relatives and friends, and definitely be merry
By the time Christmas day rolls around, we have already celebrated with the inlaws, outlaws, different family factions, etc. The children have all grown up, so there is no little pitter-patter of feet to worry about, so on Christmas day, we just don't do much of anything except relax and enjoy the company of ourselves.
Christmas Eve:
We go to church - always done it
Then my husband and I come home and start a fire, get some hot chocolate, cookies and open our presents. The opening the presents just started last year and I love doing it that way. Christmas morning gets busy and I like to take my time to enjoy what I get.
We read the nativity story from Luke - always done it and off to bed.

Christmas Day:
Get up come to the computer and go to Samaritan's purse - it's my way of giving something back to Jesus on Christmas. I started doing that about 6 years ago.
Go through Chrismtas e-mails and answer them
Phone everyone that gave presents to thank them.
Go feed the animals. Everyone gets hay on Christmas day - even if they don't really need it. Everyone (cow and pony alike) gets scratched if they like it. As a kid Mom fed the cows and my sister and I did the ponies but now I do them all and it takes me awhile. It's why I have to open presents on Christmas Eve.
My husband comes to my mother's house and the three of us play a new board game that "Santa" brought us. We used to have huge family affairs but for multiple reasons it is just the three of us and the dogs. It's nice actually.
We have dinner, wearing our "crowns" from the Christmas crackers. This came from my Gramma and we've always done it.
When there were kids coming on Christmas we had a birthday cake and sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.
We each read a card that has a verse of Scripture on it - I remember doing that as a kid and stacking the deck so that John 3:16 was always read.

That's our day in a nutshell.:)
Usually stay at home just the wife and me we have usually already done all the dinner things so just a nice peaceful day the kids may drop by but no big deal just to visit and hang out or we may go visit my mom and dad just take things as they come and be kinda lazy
we fix christmas dinner for the neices an mephews that come eat till we all are to full.then the kids an their dad start playing a board they get real i go an hide on my pc reading CT an try to hide from the noise.
My wife wakes up the kids and me and we go see what is around the tree and what "Santa" has left as mother and dad arrive. Sometimes the in laws have come but not often. That accomplished, there maybe some napping involved until time to go to which ever home Christmas is at that year. Shower and put on my new underwear, clothes and boots that I get every year. We go eat with the parents of the year. If it's my parents we go to her's after. If it's her's, we did it on Christmas eve with mine.

After all the running around, I check on the cattle.

It really is a good day.
I never really know what's going on. We are normally home on Christmas morning and we used to go to my parents house Christmas night. Now we will go get them at the nursing home and have them to spend the day with us. I don't think Steve's mother is coming and I don't even know if his kids are coming this year. Last year we had a houseful for several days. It was fun. We just want to relax and enjoy the day and make Mom and Dad's day as good as we can make it.

Christmas night maybe a movie in front of the fire, hopefully, without children! :nod:

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