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May 3, 2014
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I'm going to transfer 8-10 head this spring in hopes to get some quality registered stock. I have everything figured out as for who I am using to transfer the embryos, protocol and such. Out of the embryos listed in this link which would you use? I'm looking to make the most valuable calf (bull and heifer) a couple of the bulls will be retained for my own use on commercial cows, looking for something with moderate birthweight numbers and high growth and carcass numbers. On the heifer side, all of them will be retained to build a registered herd. I have used ai for several years and I have a pretty decent comerical herd built, looking to take the next step. Which embryos listed would you recommend to best suit what I'm wanting to build? Thank you
My 1st choice would be the All In x 5050 x Predestined embryos

Bit disappointed that Coal Valley doesn't bother to post any photos of the donor cows.
I think I'd like the result of the 5050 x Predestined mating, but I'd like to see the cow to be more certain.
5050 and Predestined are both DDC so the fact that she's genetically clean and DDF makes her a little bit special

2nd choice TEN X over the Prophet x Composure x Objective embryos
there's a lot of milk in the Composure x Objective cow (too much in my opinion) so I'd prefer the
TEN X x Black Ice x Daybreak pedigree for females
Tbrake":3iir8yfq said:
Here is a link to the pictures of the donors. Thanks everyone for the replays, keep them coming
They may raise good calves, but none of those girl's pics make me want their genetics in my herd..
I can`t even imagine why any of those cows would be considered donors. It must be an Angus breed by the numbers and don`t worry about how they look deal. Personally I would look elsewhere there`s way better embryo`s out there to be had and probably for less money. You might look on I think is the auction site. Good luck with whatever you decide to do it`s your money.
I usually don't like to respond to posts with negative comments, and I am far from an expert, but looking at those photos of the donor cows I would have to agree with several other posters and say those aren't the most impressive looking donor cows and I think the cost of the embryos is quite high. Heck, I think all of the cows I have look better than most of those donors. I think you could easily find more appealing embryos for the same money -- or less -- elsewhere. There are lots of state and regional purebred sales across the country that sell embryos as part of their auctions, and there are numerous ranches with embryos for sale. If I were you, I think I would keep shopping. Just my opinion. Good luck.
Thanks everyone for the responses. I will definitely shop around some more. I really like sav genetics, I have aied to their bulls many times. I will check out the websites you mentioned. Any other recommendations are welcome
You folks have some fine stock, the 2452 cow is as good as you'll get. A little high on birthweight epds for lightweights, but bred right she'd produce some mighty fine heifers.
I too like 2452. She seems to have lots of possibilities. I will also agree that Gizmom and family have some amazing cattle. The fact that they are in hot, humid Florida and hold the look and condition that they do is a HUGE testament to their breeding strategies. If the poster is in or near the south, Gizmom's operation would definitely be a top priority. I prefer Hereford, Chi influenced, and Simmental genetics, but Gizmom's breeding program is second to none in any breed!!!!! They have breeding ideals to focus on and it shows. My :2cents:
True Grit Farms":22b0ao64 said:
You folks have some fine stock, the 2452 cow is as good as you'll get. A little high on birthweight epds for lightweights, but bred right she'd produce some mighty fine heifers.
Took another look and you are right, she is a good cow. 401 is pretty nice too. I was initially shocked though that so many of the others look like poor quality.
Photos finally opened for me.
Edited to change that 2452 and 2412 are not full sisters.
They are maternal sisters and 2412 is sired by 5050 and 2452 is sired by Ingenuity a 5050 son.
My bad for not paying closer attention, guess I was just too happy that my computer was finally opening picture links.
I am going to add my :2cents: but first want to say thanks to frieghttrain and Chi-man for the kind words about our program. Now for my :2cents: Tbrake the cows your looking at just aren't my kind of cow. I hate saying that because I don't say it trying to knock the cows, everyone has a type and kind that appeals to them personally, and the cows your looking at just don't appeal to me. I like a cow that has more depth of body. I will say the numbers on these cows are really good especially if your looking for high dollar beef. I don't imagine they would be in the donor pen if they weren't doing something right. Heck we flushed one cow that if I posted a photo on here ya'll would be telling me she was about as ugly a cow as they had ever seen, and I would not be able to argue with you she wasn't pretty. But she sure was good, she was deep, beautiful udder adequate muscle and weaned one of the top calves in our herd for 13 years. She left us with some great daughters, but if you were looking for $B you would pass on her.

I will say I have learned a new term since we did our ET work this year, the term is sticky. We implanted 34 eggs and 26 stuck for a 76% conception rate. (you math folks can double check me because I keep getting different % rates). I purchased a flush this year and got 9 eggs of those we put 6 in and only one stuck, so if I take out the 6 that would be 28 with 25 sticking or 89% conception on the ET work if you remove purchased embryos. Talking to some folks they said wow that cow sure wan't very sticky. I am telling you this to let you know that some cows eggs work better than others or are more sticky. When you factor in the cost of the egg and cost of drugs and actual ET work, you are going to want to get eggs from a sticky cow. Ask the owner what the ET conception rate is on the cow, use it as a selection tool. I paid dearly for the lesson. I need to add it isn't always the cow, sometimes it is the tech that froze the eggs, but still a good question to ask.

We own a flush sister to this bull, 0524 she is a sticky cow for sure. We put in 17 eggs out of her this year 9 fresh all 9 stuck and 8 frozen 7 stuck. I call that pretty darn sticky.

We put 6 frozen eggs in out of this cow 6R109 and our Coleman EXT 6149 bull 5 stuck so another sticky cow.

The J311 cow is the dam of the 6149 bull, as you can see I like them really deep and soggy.



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