Chisolm Trail Angus Sale

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Jun 10, 2015
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Winfield, KS
If anyone is headed to Winfield for the Chisolm Trail Angus Sale or the Duncan Angus Herd Dispersal sale, let me know, I'd love to meet you. Marvin Duncan has a great herd, great reputation, one of the nicest people you'll meet and I'm happy/sad he's retiring. We just bought 2 bulls from him and I couldn't be more pleased.
True Grit Farms":1yz7wvio said:
The Duncan dispersal sale is a maybe for me. When the catalog comes out I'll know more.

Grit, I called the owners and they don't have the catalog published yet but if you PM me I can either provide their contact info or get your address and they will mail the listings.

From what I understand:
Registered black Angus
Appx 315 head, 48 to 54 are bred heifers, the rest are 3 to 9 years old, also bred.
The bred cows will have their current calf & if applicable, last years heifer with them (3 in a ring).

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