Chinese ammo

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Jan 6, 2009
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Lavaca county, Texas
Anyone had any experience with this junk? I bought 200 rounds of 22LR ammo a couple of years ago, didn't really pay any attention to it. The box kinda looked like Federal ammo. In fact the rounds are marked with an "F".

I put 12 rounds in a new 22 semi auto and gave it to my grandson to go shoot uh, er, targets. He came back and said the gun would not cycle, shoot one round and jam. OK, took the gun apart and cleaned it and put it up. Several weeks later someone else wanted to target practice so I gave them the 22. Same thing. What's going on? Unloaded the gun and put in some Remington rounds and everything works as advertised. I disposed of the junk ammo, all but the 6 or 7 rounds that came out of the magazine from the original load. Somehow those got missed. GS was up over the holidays and wanted to go shooting. Told him to help himself. He came back to the house in about ten minutes holding his right hand obviously in pain. The gun had a broken stock, mechanism inside the breach bent all to shyt. What happened, I say. He says the gun exploded. Folks, I don't know about you but enough, already!!!!! You have any idea how close GS' eye and face was to the part of the gun that came apart? As it was, most of the energy went down and out the trigger, hence the burned finger and hand. Gonna have a talk with the supplier of those rounds and they better talk right. Not looking for anything from them but to remove the bombs they are selling. Anything to make a buck including putting kids live in danger. Thanks for letting me vent.
Don't let you anger go to waste. Channel it in a way that does you, and all of us some good. I wish I could say how, but maybe someone here does.

That ammo is unconscionably dangerous.

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