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Also, look up Ideal Poultry in Cameron, TX. They are very reasonable and everything I've ordered from them has been very healthy and good representatives of the breed ordered.
Rustler9":1gzqbhp5 said:
Cope Man-I have the old fashioned Dominiques (rose combed, first American breed of chicken developed also from which the Barred Rock derived). Maybe I didn't make myself clear although I didn't mention the Dominique in my post. I was merely naming some of the more common brown egg laying breeds. I did name the Barred Rock or "Dominickers" as most country people in our area call them. But thanks for mentioning the Dominique as well. They are not as well known around here and do not have the egg production qualities as a commercially bred Plymouth Rocks.

Well your welcome Rustler9, and thank you for being curteous, and knowing that I was not by any means trying to start something.
TheBullLady wrote:
As for cleaning up after the cows.. pot belly pigs are the way to go!

What do they do that helps? Do they tear up the land by rooting like other pigs?

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