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Nov 18, 2007
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Yesterday I went to town. I checked the back of the pickup for things that vanish in a parking lot. There was a Chicken nesting in some hay string. I tried to shoo her out so I could leave. She would not move. I drove off with the hen. About 1/4th mile down my road, she flew out. I really did not care. When I loaded my the truck I noticed seven eggs in the twine. I put them in a paper bag and moved them to the front seat.

When I returned I drove slow where the hen flew out. There she was hiding in the grass. I stopped and called her [Hey,chick chick] and she stood up and came to the truck and flew in the bed. Later when I unloaded my grain I noticed she had laid another egg. I will check the truck again this morning.

There is never a dull moment on this little farm.
you have a hen thats bent on laying where she wants.been there done that.i have a hen that used to lay behinde fridge in the garage.
Yup, my daughter has a little red hen that insists on coming into my barn and laying her egg in the straw, poops on my floor then goes home.
Our fireplace has an outside cleanout. (place under the fireplace inside you lift up and sweep the ashes outside where there is another little door you open.) Anyway, we went to clean it out a couple of years ago and there were eggs in it.

Last year, unknown to me, I had a chicken that laid eggs in my petunia patch in front of the house. She had hatched a clutch of chicks and I decided that I didn't want her there to mess up the flower beds. I had to don welding gloves, get a five gallon bucket, remove the hen, who was really mad, put her in the bucket, and they remove the chicks, not easy, into another container and transferred them both to the hen house. I was glad I had those gloves on.

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