Chiangus Bull

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> I am in the market for a Chiangus
> Bull in the East Texas area. Do
> you have any breeder info?

I bought one about 14 months ago at the annual bull sale held at the El Campo, Texas auction, but damn if I can find the name of the guy. I know he raises Chiangus down around Gonzales, which is about 125 miles southwest of Houston. Maybe you could contact the El Campo Livestock Auction Co. (or some similar name in the yellow pages) as they probably have a record of the guy.

Checking a back issue of The Cattleman, I see a couple of Texas Chiangus raisers advertising as follows: Quarterback Ranch in Hillsboro, Texas telephone (254) 632-4019 & cell number (254) 337-0926 and also Earl Whitten in Bovina, Texas (806) 251-1669 or (806) 251-1666

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