chevy 2500 pickup bad gas

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Apr 3, 2005
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My 2006 had a little bad gas put in. Had 1/2 tank before now it won't run what is the best way to drain gas lines is there an in line fuel filter?
what are you calling bad gas? Was it water in it or sediments, or something else wrong with it. May depend what was in the gas as to how far you will have to go, from changing filter to pulling gas tank and cleaning out. also are you saying the tank was half full when you filled it up with bad gas.
I got the pick up running. It was water in the gas, the tank was 1/2 full before i put the 3 or 4 gallon in. I could not find an inline fuel filter even checked with auto supply store, one was not listed for the pick up.

I took the valve out of the pressure relief valve that is in the fuel rail on the right side of engine clamped a hose on it cranked the motor till i out back to clean gas.
Brute 23":2pyze2n2 said:
Fuel filter... think they call it a screen now... is in the tank befoe the fuel pump. :x GO figure on that... :???:

Yeah you have to remove the tank to change the filter I mean pump cause by the time the filter gets bad pump is usually roasted.I love the new way they build things.

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