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Jun 10, 2015
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Winfield, KS
Reading recent comments about the lack of good customer service has prompted me to share some recent experiences.

Couple months ago the spray/flow control button on our Kohler kitchen faucet broke so I started searching for a replacement part, only to find out the entire head would have to be replaced. Found a replacement head online for $250.80 but called the Wichita distributor where the faucet was originally purchased in 2007 to see if they had one. They instructed me to call Kohler customer service. I was shocked when they asked for the part number and said they would have the part shipped within 2 business days, free of charge, because the faucet has a lifetime warranty. I did not have to provide a receipt/proof of purchase. Clearly I never read the manual which includes the warranty.

And two days ago the belt broke on one of the garage doors; it's an 8ft belt and there is decorative cedar on the door so it weighs a good 500 lbs. Called the company who installed the doors and they said they could be out the next day but suggested we call the manufacture, Liftmaster/Chamberlin, because the belt should be under warranty (again, installed in 2007). We did, it was and the replacement belt should be here today - free of charge. Warranty info on the manual states Lifetime Motor and Belt Limited Warranty. To me the wording suggests the belt would not be covered but it was definitely worth a phone call.

Shout out for some awesome customer service! Which, by the way, includes the checker at WalMart yesterday who said "Thank you for coming through my line". :D
I can say the same for South bend clutch... I had it in my truck for 5 years when a piece of the center hub broke and was dangling out of a little gap in the bell housing.. I called southbend, honestly I was just looking for a bit of a discount on a new one because of the time that had passed.. They sent me a new clutch out by UPS, all I had to pay was the duty to get it across the border.. I was very impressed and that makes me recommend them

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