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Jeanne - Simme Valley

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Dec 9, 2004
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Central Upstate New York
Original picture:

PhotoShopped cleaned up:
took halter off, cleaned up wood behind her.


This heifer is going in a quality sale. Sale manager(s) do not like to feature pictures taken "indoors". They want that blue sky photo. If you have ever taken cattle pictures outdoors with snow covered farm, you will understand that the cattle come out "flat" black or "flat" red. No definition. Can't see the hair or hips or anything, just an outline basically. I have had professional photographers flown in (shared costs with other breeders). Flat.
I think we got GREAT pictures of the cattle, but INDOORS. I know the extracted picture looks "photoshopped" - but is it "offensive" as a buyer??? the heifer really stands out.
Not offensive. The serious buyers will be the ones who come in person.

BTW: Last week, I visited a producer who is just finishing construction of an on-the-farm sale arena. No cattle will come into a ring. It is more like a theater. The sale will be based on video and cattle will be outside for live viewing. This is the trend. Has less safety concerns and eliminates problems due to the odd animal that might be flighty in a sale environment.
greybeard":2l43alv5 said:
I thought all sales pictures were supposed to be with them 'knee deep' in straw...............

The consignment sales and by invitation sales have rules so each participant is treated equally. For example, the Bulls of the Bluegrass sale in Kentucky has rules for marketing livestock in their sale catalog.

Private sales can market as they wish. Sounds like the sale Jeanne is entering has set rules.

Sarcasm noted but beginners might take it on face value.
I like seeing the cattle come through a sale ring, you can definitely get a feel for the cows attitude. I don't care to even go to a video sale, might as well stay home and bid.
I like the first picture too. The second isn't bad but to me the third is too artificial looking and I would not be interested in her unless I could see her in person. One bull sale we go to local, does the video thing in where they have the tables for lunch, but unless the weather is real bad, then we go out to the lots where the bulls are, for the "sale". It is a smaller type operation, but we go to support the local guys.
First one for me. The last looks manipulated and if your doing that it makes me wonder where else did you do it. I hate looking in magazines and seeing those pics.
greybeard":37oa7wda said:
I thought all sales pictures were supposed to be with them 'knee deep' in straw...............
This wasn't the part of the barn I thought we were going to take the pictures - otherwise I would have had some hay under them. Not knee deep though. I like the buyers to see their feet. I have nothing to hide.
One year, we had at least 2 feet of snow with the photographer flying in the next day. Hubby back-bladed the "picture area' outside. Then we took a round bale, rolled it out, picked it up, rolled it out - until area was covered with hay. We spread it out nice with pitchfork. That night, we got more snow. errrrrrrr
Taking pictures is absolutely the worse part of being involved in a quality sale.

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