Cheapest Fertilizer prices?

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Jan 24, 2009
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I was checking into prices here lately for fertilizer. Triple 19 is 600 some odd dollars a ton with urea added. According to my soil sample I took it states I needed some 60 30 30 at around 100 pounds per acre that has ammonium nitrate in it. I got the 12 acres of rye fertilized with it before it started raining. It has now been raining two days and that rye is green as can be and is already taking off. The 60 30 30 was 514.00 a ton. Down from last year definitely. What fertilizer prices are yall seeing this year?
I didn;t right down the actual costs. Nitrogen and P are about 1/2 of last year, K is still the same as last year
That's right, the N and P are less than half what they were last year but the Potash is still up there. Last week locally DAP was $450/ton, Ammonium nitrate $450/ton, Potash $950/ton. I put 60lb N, 30lb P and 50lb K per acre on some ryegrass Friday. It was a custom blend something like 18-9-15 @ $505/ton.

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