Cheap Freezer Beef??

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Dec 30, 2003
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Had a feller tell me the other day that a couple of cows running thru the sale barn had 'yukky, goobery eyes'--he thought they had pinkeye. Anyhow, they were only going for 16-18 cents/pound & he was wondering if he should of bought them for the freezer.
I personally don't think it would be a good idea; God only knows WHAT they were treated with before they got there...if at all. He doesn't have any cattle on his place...just wants some 'cheap beef' to buy to put in his freezer. Is this a good or a bad idea...????
Running Arrow Bill":2ut55qhs said:
Well...if a bovine was selling for 16 to 18 cents pound, it was probably Alpo quality...
Either that or Vienna Sausage and Potted Meat.
Not much difference.
Bad idea, One of the reasons we bucther our cattle is that way we know what we're eating , our steers were born here and usually dress 700 lbs or better when they're 13-14 months old that's got to be good

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