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Depends. How or for what reason did you get her and where? If she is healthy and has had calves before you probably won't have any problems. I watch our charolais cross heifers very closely at calving until they have had two calves. The heifers out of htis particular bull have had a lot of trouble with their 1st and 2nd calves. a lot of times they dont bag up well but they produce adequate milk to raise a good calf. Not really a maternal breed but can raise good calves. I suggest breeding with angus, hereford or any composite with britishxbos inducus like brangus or beefmaster, etc. Some say Charolais are flighty, this has not been the case with me. Did have a few stubborn steers at working time, however.Have a 12yr old Charolais cow named "Pet", so they can be extremely gentle. just depends on your cow and how she is/has been treated.