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We have a Charolais cross (not sure what the cross is) and she is as gentle as a lamb. She has a very sweet temperment. My daugter raised her for the Walker County Fair and she is very tame. I don't know how a pure Charolais is, but our Charolais cross is a sweetie.

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Generally not too bad.The breed did have aproblem with some brahma influence cattle years back. But they were culled out. The tamest charolais are full french. They have the same disposition of as a hereford; very tame.


> What is the temperment of the
> charolais.

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I helped 'quicksilver charolais' last year at the shows and the stud owner said they are a bit toey but can be as sweet as pie. A bit of a challenge when it comes to breaking in. I took a charolais bull into 2 parader events and he was really good for me.

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We raise and show reg Charolais and we've found, just like people, some are easier to get along with than others. I think that is true in any breed. Alot depends on how they were raised and handled as calves. If the management was such that the cows and calves were out on the range for extended periods of time, they tend to be more stand offish due to the lack of human contact. But it they were managed in a way that they saw humans on a regular basis, they tend to be quieter. Some bloodlines are more high strung than others but reputable breeders wean those out. Nervous cattle do not do well in the feedlot and are not popular.

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