Charolais Milk?

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I know Charolais are best for beef, but how is their milk? My daughter is raising a heifer for 4H and we are new to the cattle world. We eventually want to breed her and wanted to know about her milk for human consumption. Any information and advise is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Charolais are strictly a beef breed here in the US, but I'm sure your heifers milk will be fine for human consumption if you can convince her that she is going to be a milk cow :)

Actually, Charolais are not known for being producers of lots of milk, but she should probably be able to produce enough for a small family.
> I grew up with a polled herford cow that we had to milk when she first calved because a new calf couldn't keep her drained and she would have a swollen 1/4 if we didn't. I didn't like it when the calf caught up with her milk production and we had to go back to store bought. If you feed her when you milk her it won't take long until you hardly have to tie her. As far as quantity, most modern housholds can't go through a cow's milk

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