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I don't have any of the information i need to evaluate this cows beyond their EPDs and don't select or cull cows based on EPDs. I need to know for the cows: calving interval, number of calves, weaning weight ratios, any calving problems ( not just birth weight, hard pulls, easy pulls) condition of udder and feet, general health and disposition. Based on EPD profile and picture I see a number of possibilities but I want the additional information form the seller to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Lot # 29, Can not go wrong with Maggie, Vendetta added lots of milk, Duke 8006 produced quality cattle. This cow is producing low birth weight calves even with high birthweight bloodlines and has birthed a calf for the last six years. Can not tell much from the picture but she may be a very good purchase. Did not look at any of the others, the Maggie's always get my attention. Lots of good cattle here.

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