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Apr 21, 2004
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Just curious: What kind of chain saws y'all use? Which kind are the best or preferably the best chain saw brand? I use an Stihl MS 310 (also got a smaller version of Stihl) also got an very old Homelite 330 model (damn thing never idles!). What kind of bar and chain oil you use? I think the one I am using is too heavy for my Stihl, need a lighter bar oil. This week I'd cut down some White Pine, unknown Pine, Red Fir, and White Fir.
Does Red Fir normally store a lot of water even when its dead? Cut one tree of Red Fir and my saw hated dang wet! The white Fir was dry and easy cutting!
I could use some of those Southern Oak that the hurricanes has been tearing off its roots... Oak is good firewood!
Alrighy enough jabbering!
Does Greenpeace know you are cutting down all of their trees?
Geez I don't need critiicism, just some answers! Yah those GreenIdiots knows I am cutting down their "precious" trees and they can't do a damn thing! They can try to stop it but not gonna happen! They already gotten down pretty restricted already! I want to cut some trees in this one burn area but those GreenIdiots got the road block off! There is an ongoing lawsuit with GreenIdiots (and other EnviroFreaks groups). They argue they want the trees in the burn area to naturally rotten out and fall down..... How dumb can they get? who cares? The funniest thing is many of these EnviroFreaks and GreenIdiots lives in wooden houses or have lumber materials in their houses!
And no I wish I was working.....
Got all ready when I bought this place. Sthil 18" blade chainsaw, kevlar chaps, safety glasses, helmet, rope tied to truck used as a how to drop trees, didn't look to hard. Begin first tree, and chain comes off! Scared this woman. Dropped the chain saw and paid a real dozer guy to do it. And for sure the logging chaps work! Sold the saw. :roll:
ummm..... KJerkie, you should've tighten the chain or be sure the bottom teeth of chain is inside the bar.... When you buy a chain saw, they are quite loose... Take a wrench and tighten the bolt on the side of the bar....
... and that happened after two days of it not starting. Took it back and was quit embarrassed when all he did was push the guard back in place. Another blonde moment in my life :roll: Now all I use is a hand saw to keep the smaller stuff cleared. Much safer.

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