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Whatever is centerpede???? My feed guy gave me this amazing stuff called Weed Master.... it kills the weeds but leaves the grass.... of course, if I spray too heavy it can kill the grass but I have to spray REALLY heavy. I really want to know what this is, cuz I am always looking for weeds. Sometimes, I have to say, "If it ain't grass, it must be a weed," but that is really too simple for me. When I kill something I want to know what I killed.

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I found two types of centipede, one is a grass the other a viney shrub. Either of these what you are asking about?

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> centerpede has taken over half of
> a 100 acre pasture I just rented
> .How do I get rid of it?
Can find no reference to centerpede, may be a local name. Centipede grass is found in a bunch of southern states. If it like most grasses, Roundup works wonders, but it will kill just about everything else too

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It is centipede grass. Its low growing, has long runners that curl in sort of a circle and in this area chokes out the other grasses. I think that with agressive harrowing bermuda may be able to overcome it but i dont know, will find out. Centipede is definitely not the same as crabgrass. crabgrass is a blessing in comparison. then we have carpetgrass which is just as agressive but grows a little taller so the cows can actually eat it.
If you are indeed talking about Centipede grass, as is common throughout the southeast, it's a slower, low growing, fine leaved grass that makes a good lawn if wear and abuse aren't an issue. It doesn't put out enough forage, per square foot, to make it desireable as livestock forage. Native, or wild Bermuda grass will dominate it here in Louisiana, as will St. Augustine if allowed to grow to 4" or more. Roundup kills it very well, of course, but what's worse - the grass or the cure?