CED is outta control....

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Willow Springs

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Nov 19, 2008
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North of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
And I do agree with the original poster. I think low BW and high CE is getting a little crazy. It is getting hard to find those middle of the road number bulls which is where I would like to be. I want a bull that will calve unassisted on heifers, but still have some substance to them when born and be able to grow when he gets too heavy and goes to the cow herd. But as with anything us humans do (especially in cattle breeding) if some is good, more is better. I think a person could use a bull with below average calving ease for the Angus breed and still have calves born regularly born unassisted on heifers as Angus are generally easy calving. I see a lot of average and below average CE bulls being used on heifers in Canada without issues.

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