CBR Championships broadcast??

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Feb 14, 2006
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The world bull riding championships are this week Jan 23-24 in Las Vegas, but I am wondering if they are going to be broadcast on any station? Anyone know??????
CBR, PBR, Extreme Bulls, etc. When I was going down the road years ago I traveled with a couple pretty good bull riders, including a couple guys who won world championships, but I get a little tired of watching nothing but bull riders. The problem with all of these is there are no bucking horses. I rode bare back broncs and I still like to watch a good bucking horse.
I have to agree with Dave, I'm not a fan of watching CBR, BRO, NABA, and especially PBR; I don't like watching just one event (especially an event that's filled with little men with big egos). Bareback riding and steer wrestling are the greatest events, I'm hoping either to get back to Cheyenne or go to the Calgary Stampede this year. :D

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