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> I looked at this site.Is the bid
> price per pound or head?Also how
> much does it cost to transport
> cattle?

It depends at the sail barn I go to they start the sail with selling cattle by the head they are usually the smaller cattle 150 lb or less then they sell by the lb just pay attention and ask if you have to you don't want to buy any thing if you don't know what you are going to pay ps. the norm is to sell buy the lb

[email protected] - For calves it is by the pound, for breeding stock it is by the head.

To transport depends on how far and how much the load weighs. There are rate sheets for mileage. Look at the mileage and take the weight and multiply it by the rate to get the cost (but it is minus fuel surcharge). A load of cows going 110 miles that weighs 51,000 pounds would cost $428.40 plus 6 - 9 % fuel surcharge. That is california rate.

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