Cattle Water Heater

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Aug 1, 2016
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Does anyone know of one or anything that would work well to keep a tire water from freezing. No electricity located near water and not wanting to let it keep running around the clock. Solar, battery or any ideas at all would be much appreciated. Thank you.
The ones I have,have a float valve and overflow pipe in the tire and a cutoff valve on the outside of tire. When it starts to freeze remove float valve and turn shutoff valve down to a trickle to keep from freezing. In winter ponds you would never see the difference in water level of pond.
They make propane tank heaters. I don't know who but google is your friend. Someone also made wood burning tank heaters years ago . Maybe they still do.
Make a Wood burning water heater. Pretty simple design if you can find the material, and have a welder.
I plan to make one over the summer for next year when I'll have some stalks to graze.

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