Cattle Rub on Horses

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Apr 9, 2009
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Lamasco Texas
New User but have read (and substantially) learned ALLOT reading the various boards.

We raise registered Longhorn Cattle and I plan to hang-up 2 ea. 10' cattle rubs soaked with livestock "Back Rubber" to aid in fly & lice prevention as well as continuously aid the animals as it gets warmer and more & more flies become pests.

I have read the warnings on the label (Repels flies, mosquitoes, lice, keds and ticks. Contains permethrin. Use on cattle, calves, sheep and swine.) but my concern is may this be used in the pasture with our horses? We do have a few horses as well as a buffalo and I plan to hang these rubs close to the feeding area where they all gather.
Before the floodgates open:
~ I realize by hanging them lower, the horse may not even walk under them.
~ I have one large pasture and have yet to build cross-fences so separating the animals is infeasible.

Anyone use these rubs where the horses have access?


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Aug 5, 2004
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I wouldn't. Granted, the rubs are probably too short for the horses to get under them, but that isn't going to stop them from rubbing up against them. If that happens and your horses then get saddled and ridden, a very serious skin inflammation could result due to the fact that horses skin tends to be much thinner and is much more sensitive than cattle's. I believe I would either be penning the horses, or I would be putting up some fencing to seperate the horses from the cattle.

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