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HI i'm learning about cattle in general.I've a question or two, 1. Do cattle shed there winter coat? 2. How do you trim cattles hoofs if there not on rangeland? 3. What type of supplements should a full grown cow have when she is on hay all the time? 4. How often should you deworm a cow? That is 4 questions. Thanks ahead for the help!

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> HI i'm learning about cattle in
> general.I've a question or two:

[1] Cattle do shed their winter coat when the weather warms up, or at least Longhorns do.

[2] Cattle on soft, sandy soil or pasture may have overgrown hoofs (toenails) that can cross at the points. You can purchase a heavy duty hoof trimming tool from Livestock supply houses--they usually run about $50 or so. Just be sure you know what you're doing and have the animal restrained in a squeeze chute & head gate...and "be careful out there!"

[3] Supplements when on hay or pasture: All cattle need free choice salt and minerals, penned or on pasture as well as an unlimited supply of clean, fresh water (Note: can use some of the blue/green dye colorants to add to water tanks to keep algae growth down--available at Livestock sypply houses--one pound crystals or about one gallon of liquid concentrate will treat abou ONE ACRE FOOT [about 325,000 Gals.] of water---use Some products (see: <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A>) have an IGR incorporated which disrupts the life cycle of flies. Backrubbers, spraying, and other methods help to control face flies, hornflies, hoof flies, and body flies. Fly infestations can cause the cattle to not graze efficiently due to swatting flies and can cause them to either lose or not gain weight. Other products for free-choice pasture placement include the molasses based protein tubs (usually 200# each) which have usually 20% or 24% protein supplement and a variety of minerals. Hay or pasture forage which is low in protein should probably be supplemented with Range Cubes (often 20% protein). Weaned calves and/or other cattle out of condition may need supplemental feeding with a balanced bagged feed.

[4] De-worming via injectible or pour-on (injectible is more efficient) using such products as Ivomec, Dectomax, and others. De-worm twice a year, spring and fall. There are also feed additive de-wormers, such as Safeguard (monthly) which are used.

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