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I'm so new to cattle, that I am raising the bull calf now and plan on getting the heifers or cows next year when he's old enough to breed. I've been told I'm doing it backwards.
Run 25 to 35 head sold down all the older cows this year with the prices being so good. Sold evertything over 7 years old. Currently 21 mama cows Herefords, British Whites, Brangus. Were a small potatoe operation.
We have 60 brood cows, 16 bred heifers and plan on keeping back 20 plus heifers form this years calf crop. would like to increase the herd to over 100 quality brood cows.
I own 54 coming two year old heifers, just sold 28. had 82 to begin with. they are commercial. Dad owns @450 total head and i manage those as well.
About a hundred - haven't counted them since April - and matching babies for most of them. I think we lost 4 this year.

Planning to get about 40 girls down the road this fall and all of the babies other than some for the freezer.

My Dad doesn't own any on this place - it's my place and the bank lets me say so.

For you "small potato" guys - nuthin' to be quiet about. Lots of folks have small operations and they usually know a heck of a lot about cattle.

Best replacement heifers in my area come from a guy who owns about 15 head - but, dammed good ones if I might say so.


Nope. Not at all. I am simply working to survive and remove - completely - my dependance upon the U.S. of A. market.

Wife sold a bunch of steers - 6 I think she said - to folks in the city (Ottawa) last week. All by the side - 12 in total. $2.39 a pound - cut, wrapped and frozen. That's the market we are now chasing.

Take off the 35 buck kill fee and the 40 cents a pound to cut, wrap and freeze - the rest is ours. The haul is long - almost an hour - but an abbotoir is opening up less than 5 miles from here - so that cost will be reduced by the end of this month.

Screw the feds, the border, the Canuckleheaded ag "leaders" and a whole bunch of naysayers. If we make it, we will by the skin of our teeth. But we are working to develop a trade that can keep us going.

I will never ship live cows once this gets up and running - if it gets up and running.

All culls will go to the new Gencor plant in south Ontario - they are pounding the heck out of the auction barns. Gencor fellow came to our annual cattlemans meeting last Saturday night. They plan to never go to the ring for their animals if they can help it. Direct buy only. He now has my business.

I will never sell through the ring again - unless it is an absolute emergency - some day - long into the future the border will open - some day someone will want my cows - but I will never sell to an order buyer again. I will never allow a live animal from my herd to travel south. I will keep all of the value added jobs in this country. I will therefore lessen the risk of lack of processing capability.

What's born here will be slaughtered here - then the meat can go south - or anywhere for all that it matters.

Best regards

We are just getting started, 8 head of cattle , and 7 horses.
I'd sure like to weed out some of the horses , or trade them for cows :lol:
We sold 6 head , got pretty good prices.
I'm doing this with my wife helping me, I couldn't make it without her!!
We started with nothing and we are going to make it :lol:

I really do value this site ,and if I have to weed thru the people that are not very nice people ,, then so be it!!
There is more good then bad :lol:
We are small potatoes too....24 moma's, 1 bull, 14 calves and 3 more expected in next few days. Add it all up and it comes to 42!!!!! I didnt even have to use a calculator :lol: :lol: :lol:

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