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Feb 26, 2004
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Hey, from people that have paid attention to my posts, they have learned that i go down and work on my neighbors shorthorn farm. well as i have said before he is very old, can barely walk and today him i and my dad sat down and it looks like within a month we will probably have that place bought. now i hate how he has some of his pens setup and when we get the place my dad said he is just going to turn me loose and i can rearrange the pens almost anyway i want. he has 5 or 6 small pastures that he intensively grazes and they all lead to a holding pen big enough for the amount of cows he has. he has about 15 and you could easily fit 50 in there and that part i the his holding pen is right beside his barn so if you open the gate the cows can go inside and if you keep it shut they stay outside. he has a long wooden chute that he made with a headgate at the end which is fine and it is alright trying to get cows in there and as little amount of cows as we would have it would not be a problem. even though i told you the hole setup you guys still dont no what it is like so i want to no how your guyss farms are setup that can hopefully give me some ideas. be descriptive so i can kinda understand what it might look like. thank you very much

My pen is octagon shaped this leaves no corners,as that is were a crazy wants to get. The workin/.loading chute starts as a funnel down on the south side going north to the loading dock. The chute system has a series of 6 gates . The first is a small hoding area hold4/5 big cows with a solid steel gate opening to the chute. Now one man can stand on the work platform open the steel gate. Now when the second chute gate opens the cows see the light and jump in the chute, close the steel gate you now have the4to5 in the chute. The chute has a head gate at the end that functions as a head gate or swing open like a regular gate. Behind the head gate is another steel gate to isolate the cow or calf, it is designed so you can pull a calf or doctor without getting kicked. After you have finished working you cows you are able to cut them out to different pastures from the chute. I never work the cows that I am not behind a gate or above them. Remember you can get hurt very quickly by a gentile cow.
Just want to say I really enjoy reading your post Joe...You may or may not get the neighbor's place, take care of the old man and find a place for him in your operation...he's found a place for you...If you don't get that place there will be others if that's what you want...In this life you must have a goal..keep your eye on the donut...not on the hole...
CattleAnnie":2ptnyq58 said:
Here's a website that has some good schematics for cattle facilities. We tweaked one of them up to fit our operation (a sorting corral).

Maybe one of these could be tailored for your operation.

Take care.

Good post plan 1831 is virtually the system I use I made it large enough to hold 35 head. I also added a couple more gates to the chute system
Hey, that website reall helped. there are a couple things i got from that that i liked and we might use. thanx for all the help so far.


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