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Sep 12, 2007
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It's Rodeo Time! (Oklahoma)
They help but they don't do what has to be done here. Some years the flies are terrible and the best solution is to spray them on intervals along with regular worming.

This year seems to be better than most - so far. If the situation remains on this trend, I may try them.
We use one with face flips and it does help noticeably. No flies on their back, but it doesn't seem to help their bellies or legs. A hint - use rope to hang it with, nothing metal or it will rub thru the hanging loop. It gets a lot of friction and a chain or wire will cut that loop. How do ya suppose we learned that!? :oops:
I have used the cattle rubs for years, but it has to be placed where the cattle "must" go through so it will get them all. Also, as mentioned, be sure to include the face flips with it. I use a product made by Starbar, called Lintox-HD. I mix it with diesel, and old motor oil, and spray it on the rub about every month or so all through the summer. Works great.
We use these rubs also. Works great but you do need to keep them charged. We hang ours where there is a gate going into another lot where the mineral is or even in the holding pen where the mineral is. Anywhere where the cattle travel alot will work.

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