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One of our cows with a three month old nursing calf was found dead in the pasture today. She had bleeding from the mouth and nose with other apparent symptoms. She appeared well two days ago. Does anyone know a possible cause of death? We live in central Florida

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> i think the cause of death is
> ANTHRAX YOU ARE a SICK-O. To the original poster..that seems odd..but sounds more like a blood clot in lung or something extraordinary, maybe an injury.

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Probably way too late to perform a necropsy, but for future troubles, get a vet out to collect samples. We are in Texas, and Anthrax is not common but does occur, so does Black leg, but you would see large pockets of gas under the skin, that create a crackle when felt. Whenever a seemingly healthy animal just drops dead, it is a good idea to pull blood/tissue or perform a full necropsy, in order to identify the cause of death and prevent the spread of a contageous disease.

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