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Oct 12, 2009
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Molino Florida
Have you ever just gone out in the pasture took a knee and watched all the babies gather around? I love to do that they are just naturally curious little boogers. Today I was coming down the drive all the bull calves were by the fence so I stopped the truck stepped on the running board and took a video.

I guess they haven't outgrown their curiosity.

I spend part of every day with my fall calves. I enjoy their play and curious nature.

Your cattle look great!
I spend some time with them pretty much every day as well.. When they're young they come up to me because they're curious... As they get older, they come to me because of various demands.. treats, belly rubs, etc

Trical 342 we also put out Rye grass but it didn't do anything. The past three weeks the grass turned around but we had warm weather and rain. We were worried that it wouldn't come back we had the coldest winter we have had in quite awhile. We started worrying last week that it was going to get to hot for it we had several days where it hit 80. It has dropped back to more normal Temps for March now so the grass is going crazy. The young cattle all look pretty good but they are supplemented when they don't have grass. The cow herd is showing the stress of big calves, poor hay and no winter grass. The grass at the farm finally got up enough to time graze the cows so they will bounce back pretty fast they don't get the TLC that the younger cattle receive.

I have been helping a rancher feed. One day last week while he saddled up to get some wandering cows back I took a chain saw and cleared a lane where we had been dodging over head limbs and a couple downfalls. These are range cows who live most of their life with no people around. I walked in there and fired up the chain saw. It started a stampede to the other end of the pasture. By the time I got to the end of the lane most of them were back. I started working my way back pulling the limbs out of the lane. I would set the saw down while doing this. Every time I went to pick up the saw to move up the lane it would be surrounded by calves sniffing it. They kept their distance from me but they were sure curious about that saw.
Gizmon, your family has some very nice looking Angus cattle. I have seen many of your posts over the past few years but don't think I have ever commented on them. You do a great job raising what looks to be an impressive herd in your environment/climate. You folks should be proud. Well done!
I spent the morning frost seeding my pastures, walking back and forth pushing a spreader. My girls and their calves chased me for over an hour. It was pretty fun to watch.
I try to spend time with ours everytime I get a chance. Judy does also. We have ours now where they all come to see if they can get a treat. The two bulls we have around the house come to get their backs and tail heads scratched. I won't scratch their heads and teach then not to stand back at least a few feet but will scratch their backs. Judy and I love to sit and watch the new baby calves. Very nice looking bulls. Attended two sales last week looking for bulls. Proved again I have Caddilac taste on a beer budget. Didn't watch all of the Saturday sale so not sure how it came out. It was Judy's birthday so just went to watch a few fall yearlings sell and they started at lot 33. The owners daughter felt I could buy them with the limit I had set. Well one brought 11,500 and the other 6,500. So far it seems the Angus market around here is holding up real well for the well muscled growthy frame 6 type bulls. You can buy the frame 5 and under bulls 2-4 thousand cheaper. We left after I watched 5-6 more of the fall yearlings sell. Know the firt 30 of the yearlings sold well but also know they took a few of those that sold after the fall yearling home.
I am enjoying all the photos Nessie that red calf with the ear flopped over just put a big ole smile on my face.

Today I wasn't thinking the bulls were all that dang cute. We have had a first this year two of the young bulls just hate each other we have always had one that gets his arse whooped on a regular basis but this one just won't quit. He finally got gimping so we had to separate him. The problem is now he feels better an the idiot keeps pushing through to go after his arch rival again. Last week he got through a gate that the latch was broke, our fault for not checking when we moved them around the day before. The boss was here so we got him moved pretty easy. Today I look out and chit they are together again and stupid was gettin another arse whooping. Today the culprit was a tree limb across the electric fence....and the boss is in Mobile thank goodness for Gabby she isn't the best cow dog in the world but when she is the only help available you sure appreciate her. She jumped on the two culprits like white on rice we got stupid cut out and moved lickity split. Once we got stupid out it took some doing to get him moved a couple pastures away and of course the four wheeler died so this ole fat lady was having to hoof it. Have I ever mentioned bulls are a royal pain in the arse.

Gabby today's hero


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