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This mare I ride is very hard to catch.There are some kickers in her field and they are always cornering me if I try to catch her. I bring treats but she is not fooled. People help me but I want to do it alone.What should I do?{She is herd bound}

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Does the mare hide when she see's the rope or halter? If she does, hide it so its out of her sight. Also when you catch her is it just to go riding or what? Try and make it a pleasure everytime she see's you. Once you catch her, give her a treat. Then when you take her away from the herd, take her out for grass outside the paddock or give her some oats in a place where its just you and her. Then before you put her back let her have some more grass. Make she she is comfortable around you and trusts you. Trust is the big problem.
Sounds like you have two problems. You've gotten good advice on what to do to get the mare to come to you. Now you need to figure out how to keep the other horses from coming to you. I am guessing they want the treats and she backs off and lets them go first.

You will need help catching her until you can stop the other horses from coming up to you. You need to go back to the pasture with the treats while your mare is in a stall or tied up (with someone watching her). Take a whip that you can threaten the other horses with if they come up. You want them to get the idea that even though you have treats they better back off. I would slap the whip on my boot to scare them. It won't take for them long to learn that you are not friendly.

Good luck.

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