Carrie Underwood and her HSUS support

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Jul 29, 2008
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Came across this on the Advocates for Agriculture website. Although, I do like Carrie Underwood's music, I do not at all like what she stands for. The HSUS number one goal is to end animal agriculture and she supports them. I would encourage you to follow the link at the bottom of the page take a minute to register and vote. Who doesn't like George Strait anyways! Be sure to forward this one as well.

HSUS plots to vote Underwood in as ACMA Entertainer of the Year
Amanda Nolz
March 24th, 2009

Yesterday, was informed of the most recent HSUS plot, and I thought I would fill you in on this scandal, as well. Last week, I wrote about endorsing Rachael Ray as an outstanding advocate for the beef industry. I believe we need to thank the celebrities that support our industry, and today, I have provided a perfect opportunity to do just that. Now is your chance to stand up against HSUS and Carrie Underwood and endorse a country singer The Academy of Country Music Awards that holds the same values that we do. If the following message moves you to take action, head to and vote for PRCA member and team roper, George Strait! It only takes a minute to register, but that minute will be well spent fighting HSUS and their sneaky schemes!

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), the most radical animal "rights" and anti-hunting organization in the country, has been quietly trying to get Carrie Underwood voted Entertainer of the Year via the Academy of Country Music. The problem is, a large percentage of country music fans are also gun owners and hunters who do not like Carrie Underwood's active support for HSUS. And HSUS knows it.

Underwood and American Idol have already listed HSUS as a beneficiary of the proceeds of one of her songs and now HSUS is enlisting their radical animal rights supporters to vote for her in the Entertainer of the Year contest. But they are trying to keep it quiet. In an e-mail sent out to supporters by Kathy Bauch, the HSUS Senior Director for Corporate Relations & Promotions, she asked people to vote for Underwood, but added, "Feel free to distribute this to friends and family, but please don't post to lists, twitter, etc.–anything that would identify that HSUS is urging people to vote for her, or it could just breathe life into the opposition."

Oops, too late! Perhaps someone should tell the folks at HSUS that e-mails are not exactly the most secure way of communicating their "secret" agendas. Please share this with every meat-eating, freedom loving American you know and then VOTE!!!
I doubt there is a coincidence that a couple weeks ago Carrie Underwood decided to donate the proceeds of one of her songs to HSUS and now HSUS is trying to secretly have their members stuff the ballot box for her. Most of the people that listen to country music eat at least once a day, so why don't we all vote for someone who is involved in agriculture like George Strait. Underwood has made it very clear that she wants animal agriculture to be eliminated. It takes just a few seconds to register and vote.

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