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I was wondering and needing to know what is the choice carcass price equivalent index value based on. Is it Choice/YG 2 or is it Choice/YG 3?
Its been awile since I reviewed my info on grading but don't remember the "carcass price equivalent index" term you refer to. I have a copy of the USDA grading standards and other stuff which I could review if you could expand on the term a little more. I assume the YG/# you refer to is the yield grade, Yes?
We sell to Tyson/IBP and the base price given to us is for a choice YG3 carcass. Anything different than that will get premiums/discount. They pay a premium for YG2's.

The index is what the price on choice or select is based on. Yep YG is yield grade.

Here's a website from the AMS that has the info that I was wondering about the YG 1 or 2 in the QG Choice.

It show what choice is but choice what 2 or 3.

And I see Weaver explained which it is. Thanks Weaver !

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