car question,any ideas?

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Jan 14, 2006
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amanda got her a new car ford explorer ,suv , she need somthing to get her around Columbus in the winter . be fore i would loose my chevy truck for a couple months. any one who drives in the city knows how hard it is to get a round in a big truck. any way i have gained her grand am. has a lot of miles drivng backand forth from ohio to wv . but still got some life in it i hope, nice little zip around town car. got the oil changed a couple days ago, yesterday i drove it to work i noticed a gas smell . like spilled in side, which wasn't . i talked to her about it she said that happen to her once then it went away. humm.. what in the world could that be? kinda fliped me out.. gonna call the repair ppl but would like to have some idea before i talk to them. always pays to know what there are talking about.. so they dont try to sell me somthing crazy like " muffler bearings" or somthing LOL.. ill ck it to today to see if i can see any leaks. any trouble shooting ideas would be helpfull. thanks Rose
Sounds like a leak to me,although the other day I had an 03 caravan that had gas coming out of the exhaust.turned out to have a injector stuck open causing fuel to spray all the time.
c farmer. thanks for in put if that is the case i should be able to see, smell gas from tail pipe? can that be easy to fix or is it a big engine tear down job ? that does make sense . it doent happen all the time. if it leaked it seems it leak all the time.
I had gas comin out of the weep hole in the muffler. Usually fuel injectors arent that hard to put in, also if it is an injector it would have a steady engine miss.
You may not be able to smell the gas at all times even though the leak is still there. The air currents may not be bringing the fumes to your nose. Gasoline has more explosive energy than dynamite. If the vapor makes contact with a spark, exhaust manifold or red hot catalytic converter the entire car could explode. This is not something that you can procrastinate on. Do not let anyone drive the car until it is repaired.

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