Canadas heading south

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Susie David

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May 9, 2005
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Eastern Washington
Saw a flock of Canadas heading south along the river last Saturday.
Sure hope that this was just a flight of early pun intended. We usually feel the fall air on Labor Day weekend but geese this early makes me wonder since we had record snow last winter.
Could be something to this global warming. DMc
Doesn't surprise me. All indications in this area are that it will be an early fall. Some maple trees in this area are already turning colour...which usually doesn't happen till September. :cowboy: I'll let you know when I smell fall roll in. It's not far. The winds are changing.
Oh,I hope they're bringing us some coolness. So far we've had 50 days of 88.5 average temp..That means it's been well above 78f at night- supposed to be 103f today. I'm so glad to be in this air conditined house!
Got about 200 of them on the ponds and pasture. Mostly young of the year locals.

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