Canada Expands Anti-BSE Cattle Feed Rules

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Mar 2, 2004
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OTTAWA - The federal government on Friday announced it was bringing in new regulations to prevent animal parts linked to mad cow disease from being fed to chickens, pigs and other animals.

Ottawa's new measures include a ban on risky materials being used in pet foods as well as feed for farm animals.
They complement 1997 rules that forbid any cattle parts from being fed to other cattle. These were brought in after Britain suffered a widespread outbreak of mad cow disease, also known as bovine spongiform encephalopathy or BSE.

The new measures were prepared in response to proposals from North American animal health experts, but fall short of critics' demands that all animal parts be removed from the feed chain.

So far the ban applies mainly to those parts associated with mad cow disease, usually the spine and brains.

These are also banned from human consumption in Canada.

Canada reported its only case of mad cow disease in May of 2003 when a diseased animal was detected on an Alberta farm.

The only confirmed case of BSE in the U.S. was a Canadian cow discovered in the state of Washington last December.

The Canadian announcement came on the same day the U.S. Food and Drug Administration banned using brains and other cattle parts that could carry the mad cow disease's infectious agent from use in cosmetics and dietary supplements.

Written by CBC News Online staff ... nbse040709

Take care.
certherfbeef"]So until now you could feed meat and bone meal in Canada?

Not to cattle....., I don,t know about bone meal ,but some pigfeeds contain bloodmeal.
.Not something I have ever agreed with.
I know several years ago I looked at a supplement,but backed away when I seen it had feather-meal in it. It just is,nt a natural thing for them to eat. :) :) :)

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