Can ryegrass cause scours?

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bet thats what it is, its supper clumpy and does not want to spread out like most typical grasses. Wonder how good of forage that I have is?
I just read wht that grass can do to cattle.. not good. Sounding like I need to send some plant samples to Texas A&M no matter. its not the Dallis grass I see around my yard in Houston but its a weed like plant
Bahia is pretty good, and tho not originally native to Texas, it's been here enough decades now that it is considered native. It's also a very prolific seed producer and just drought resistant enough, that it's difficult to keep out of a coastal pasture. Not freeze/frost hardy tho. First good frost turns it dry and brown. I rotated my cows around to different sections at different times to let the bahia go to seed at least once/year.
Crab grass is great forage, but dallis grass I hated. The seeds heads of dallis grass can be toxic to cows. Hard to tell the 2 apart too, just glancing at the plant.. Seed heads of dallis and crab are different and the width of the leaves are different.
Bahia and dallisgrass are cousins. The seedhead of both can cause ergot poisoning. The seedhead on bahia makes a V (like in Victory cause it is winning).
I'm not so sure about that. Missing, are the tall black seedheads that bahia is known for. Even in a last week's mown field, there should be at least a few and I looked at the picture close in zoom and didn't see any.
Should be some of these. 2 seedheads on each tall stem.
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Dallis grass has almost the same black looking seed heads but more per stem, but dallis grass grows close to the ground, like crab grass..
I thought he said he had mowed? Otherwise crabgrass maybe? Sure reminds me of mowed Bahia
I've never seen a patch of bahia that was so uniform that no seedheads at all are visible.
You can mow bahia on Saturday and Tuesday some of it will have seedheads. It's why so may people complain about it being in their lawns and close to the house. It's like it grows seedheads overnight..
Also never had any cows get sick from eating bahia, no matter what stage of growth the stems were in.
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