can I share a sad mishap? Heifer injured...

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Feb 18, 2009
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Oh dear... I found her at the bottom of a steep hill, wouldn't get up, so I took her buckets of water etc — she drank a fair bit.
She's a lovely little galloway girl about 9 months old. Anyway, I was able to get her standing, but she's injured herself, and won't put weight on her foreleg unless she has to. The leg doesn't appear broken, knee not swollen, fetlock very slightly swollen but not much — I was able to get her to limp up the hill (a few steps at a time — very steep) and into a holding yard, where I've been making sure she's sheltered and has water and food right nearby.
She's reluctant to eat — took a few mouthfuls but didn't want to put her head down too far — and is clearly in pain, mostly keeping her weight off the foreleg, not wanting to move at all, even to lower her head beyond knee height. I'm guessing she's hurt the shoulder joint. It seems likely she slipped and fell down the hill (grass was wet)... Could she have made it up a steep incline with a broken shoulder, or is it (as I hope) more likely to be a sprain or similar? Right now she's standing, and isn't in obvious distress beyond not wanting to move at all, even to put her head down to eat (maybe that puts more weight on the area?). Or is it possible she's badly damaged her brisket? Her breathing is fine, not laboured, and her eyes look bright; nostrils clear, etc, and she doesn't appear too weak, just reluctant to move.
I know this isn't a vet forum, so apologies for this — but any thoughts would be much appreciated.
Thank you.
An anti inflam for muscle swelling would be good. I am partial to non steriodal. And may be some LA200 incase footrot sets in from an unseen cut on the hoof. As well LA200 would help in preventing a secondary infection like pnemonia from setting in when an animal is injured or stressed.
Talk to your vet about which anti inflam to use and be sure to tell the vet if she is preg or not. Will have some bearing on the drug choice.
No chance preg; thank you very much for the help — it's really useful (and reassuring).
I'll let you know how she goes.
I agree with RR on the anti inflammatory for a few days and then I would switch to a pain killer so she keeps moving around and her muscles don't degenerate.

Sounds like you have it pretty much under control though..Good luck and let us know how she is doing .
Hi, I just wanted to update on the calf.
Yesterday I thought I would have to destroy her. She couldn't get up and had brown droppings with a touch of mucus. I helped her up and gave her a vitamin tonic, comfrey, and some pelleted feed, and by the afternoon she was much happier. Today (3 days since injury) she's eating, standing and moving around without limping. Her droppings are totally normal.
She didn't end up having the anti-inflammatories — the vets were all closed — but I can't see any signs of swelling anyway.
Thank you again everyone who responded — it was really helpful to have a place I could ask questions, and I especially thank you for helping someone so far away.
I know I'm alittle late on this one! You can give her plain Aspirin for pain swelling or fever. Also make sure that you have mineral with Magnesium down this time of year it will prevent grass teteanus, and winter dysentery. I hope your calf does well.

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