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Jeanne - Simme Valley

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Dec 9, 2004
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Central Upstate New York
We have 4 cameras in our old barn for calving. Bought many years ago - cheap, wireless, but barn is in 100 ft range. (receiver & 1 camera was about $150 and each additional cameras were $100 each - which we purchased as gifts over a few years).
We built a new arch steel building & using both barns for calving. Been looking for a camera system for new barn, which is 280' from house. Finally found what I wanted from Sportsmansguide. Receiver & 2 cameras, $120. Security Man brand.
I called the Security Man direct & talked to a sales rep. Explained my situation, and he said it would go 330' clear view - no obstructions, but would only go 100' thru buildings. Said I couldn't purchase one & send it back if not happy with results.
So, I figured Sportsmanguide would take back anything, so I ordered it & tried it. I "assumed" it wouldn't work THROUGH the steel building, so we set up both cameras in the door opening, leaving the sliding door open about 8", and put the receiver in our bedroom, upstairs. Works like a charm!!! :banana: :banana:
I'm a happy camper!
Just thought I would share this info because we had a thread about this some time ago and others were looking for a system to use. Security Man tried to sell me a different system that was getting up towards $1000. Not for me!
True - most systems are expensive - but for $120, it is MORE than worth it to me - to lay in bed & click a button to see what's going on out in the barn.
Also, not just the lazyness (and not wanting to leave my nice warm bed for whatever might be waiting for me outside) I find that by not going into the barn to check things, I don't desturb any cow/heifer that is in labor.
Besides - it was Christmas present!
If they had them in infrared that would be a slick deal. Don;t have lights in the calving area unless I turn them on and then it's only right at the building
Well, I'm going to call. Supposed to be -20 deg wind chill this weekend and I have calves coming. Lazy or not, here I come!
Jeanne - Simme Valley":23zwzg3c said:
These ARE infra-red. Can see the cows without lights. Technologie keeps getting better & cheaper.
What's the number of the cameras?
Have no clue ??? so I cut & pasted info from their website:
but I didn't buy it from them -they were more $$$$ - price was $160 from them.

900MHz wireless camera works at ISM band
Wi-Fi Interference Free Wireless Outdoor/Indoor Bullet
Color Cameras(2) Kit with Night Vision & Audio

Do-it-yourself(D.I.Y.), easy to setup and use
Perfect for monitoring around your home or business
Wireless video direct to your TV or recorder
High quality picture and sound transmitting and receiving
No interference from crowded 2.4GHz devices
Built-in IR LEDs for night vison (up to 23ft, B/W)
Stronger wall penetration than 2.4GHz/5.8GHz wireless transmission
Video transmission goes up to 330ft clear line of sight or 100ft indoor
Weatherproof camera design for outdoor usage
Flexible channel setting camera design
Two-channel receiver allows up to 2 wireless cameras connection

Speciication :
SM-302T Camera
Image Sensor 1/4_CMOS
Total Pixels 510(H)_492(V)
Video Format NTSC
Minimum Illumination 0 lux (IR on)
Night Vision Range Up to 23ft
Lens Internal, f=3.6mm ish eye l
Transmission Frequency 902~928MHz
Channel Options 2 Channels Selection_906M
Modulation Type FM
S/N 40dB(AGCOff)
Transmission Power 2~30mW
Audio Frequency Band 4.5MHz
Microphone Built-in
Voice Monitoring Distance up to 20ft
Power Consumption 200mA(IR ON)/80mA(IR OFF)
Antenna SMA
Transmission Distance up to 330ft
Power 8V 300mA(Positive inside)
Weatherproof IP54

SM-302R Receiver :
Transmission Frequency 902~928MHz
Channel Options 2 Channels Selection_906MHz/924MHz_
Channel Selection and Control Three dip switches (Ch1/Ch2/auto-loop)
Channel Indication 2 Green LED
Frequency Stability ±100KHz
Local Oscillator Leakage -55dBm
Receiving Sensitivity -85dBm
Differential Phase 10Deg.
S/N 38dB
Video Output Impedance 75ohm
Video Output Voltage 1.0±0.2Vp-p(Standard value:1Vp-p)
Audio Carrier 4.5MHz
Audio Frequency Band 100_20KHz
Audio Output Impedance 10Kohm
Audio Output Impedance 1.2±0.4Vp-p(Standard value:1Vp-p)
Audio S/N 50dB
Antenna Type SMA
RF Input Impedance 50ohm
Power Consumption 180mA(MAX.)
Power 7.5V 300mA(Positive in and negative out)
Power Switch Touch Button

Is this what you wanted???
Jeanne - Simme Valley":t34jui30 said:
Are those numbers good bad or indifferent???
I was very impressed with the quality of pic. Better than my old ones that are 1/3 the distance - but they ARE in the old barn with block walls.

Don;t know all the tech crap, but if I can get 200 feet even if the IR distance is only 23 feet I can still cover a lot of our calving pasture.
The only reason I posted this info was because I thought it was such a good deal. I've been keeping my eyes open for something that would work for our new barn since we started that project.
I know I referred to being lazy using it - but, I truly feel it is a good management decision (also :D ) - they get checked much more often - and don't disturb any progress that has been started. Also, you get to make sure calf gets right up & sucks without having a new mom worry about people.

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